Who is FLAG SD?

We are the Front Line Appreciation Group of San Diego

What we do

Our front line workers are risking their lives to save others. They have to wear protective gear and work long hours. Many are not even going home. Getting food, especially during night hours is difficult or impossible. Getting healthy, wholesome food is even harder. Meanwhile, our family-run local restaurant businesses are struggling to pay bills and keep their employees.

We coordinate large food deliveries from local family-run restaurants to the front lines of the battle against the COVID-19 Pandemic here in San Diego.

Your donations fund those meals, so our front line health care workers get fed and our local family restaurants stay in business.

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Why we do it

Individuals dropping off meals to hospitals have the best intentions, but receiving dozens or hundreds of small donations can create a logistical nightmare for hospital support staff at a time they need to be focused on fighting disease.

Our streamlined model reduces impact on hospitals, while ensuring safety and making sure everyone is fed including environmental services, security and support staff.

We know there are a lot of people stuck at home who want to help. That's where we are too. THIS is how we can support our front lines.

Please Donate Today!

FLAG National Partners

The first Front Line Appreciation Group was started by Liz Bernich and Gina McGuire in New Jersey. The two partnered up and created the Front Line Appreciation Group (FLAG) of Chatham and Madison to serve medical personnel in both towns.

So far they have raised over $100,000 and delivered 6400 meals. Similar groups are starting all of the country, including ours.

FLAG National website

Mission Edge

We have partnered with Mission Edge San Diego (501c3 tax-exempt organization) to provide tax benefits for larger donations. All donations of $500+ made to our project through Mission Edge are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For more information see our Donations page or click the link below for the Mission Edge San Diego website.

Mission Edge San Diego